Amateur Sport

In the Charities Act 2006 the advancement of amateur sport promoting health or wellbeing was recognised as charitable and opportunities opened up for many sports bodies to pursue charitable status and funding. We work with a wide range of organisations involved with sport, from clubs registered as charities or as community amateur sports clubs (CASCs), to charities funding sports education or promoting wider participation in sport. We understand the complexities surrounding the scope of charitable status and are well versed in guiding organisations on the best options for carrying out their activities.

Our work with sports organisations has included:

  • advising a major funding body on matters relating to its grant-funding of school and grass roots sports;
  • advising amateur sports clubs on the pros and cons of CASC or charity registration and guiding them through the registration process;
  • advising incorporated and unincorporated CASCs on matters including governance, membership issues, charges and associated costs, expenses, payments to players and trading income;
  • advising on the creation of VAT effective structures for construction of sports facilities;
  • registration of charities associated with healthy sport, including those advising specifics sports, recreational charities and leisure trusts;
  • advising in relation to the provision of land for use as playing fields and associated property issues; and
  • advising charities established in connection with sports events or associated organisations on governance and related matters.
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    "The team is lauded for its ‘well-presented advice’ and for the fact that there are ‘sufficient subject matter experts on hand to be able to tackle a wide range of questions’."

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    Many interviewees are quick to laud the insight the firm offers, with one praising the team's "expertise and in-depth knowledge of the charity sector," as well as its "solution-orientated and pragmatic approach."

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    Recent testimonials

    "They take the time to really get to know the organisation; they offer proactive as well as reactive advice and support, they are incredibly knowledgeable and reliable, the quality of their work is exceptional and they always think things through from all angles."

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