Laws governing divorce overseas differ from country to country and this can affect who gets what when expatriate couples separate.

That's why you should think carefully about where to start proceedings and seek expert legal advice from lawyers specialising in international divorce.

Stone King's team of international divorce solicitors have great experience working with expats in a diverse range of countries and jurisdictions.

Whether it's financial claims arising from separation, international child custody issues, or deciding where divorce proceedings should be conducted, our leading family law firm can provide the expert advice you need.

But you don't have to fight your overseas divorce battles in court. Our specially trained family mediators and international divorce lawyers have great experience helping expat couples reach decisions about the legal and practical issues they face.

This can often be cheaper and lead to longer lasting solutions to the problems associated with overseas divorce and international child custody matters.

What our clients say

"supportive, efficient and friendly."

Chambers - 2019

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