With the General Synod on the 25 November 2020 voting to pass the draft Diocesan Board of Education Measure, all Diocesan Boards of Education (‘DBE’) will now need to consider what steps they need to take to be compliant with its new framework. Whilst each of the options available to Diocesan Boards of Education in the Measure will need to be considered by each DBE in its own context to work out which option is best for it. Whichever option is chosen will require work to be done by the DBE to implement the changes required under the Measure and the process to bring those changes into effect.

Stone King is offering a capped fee service for DBEs that includes not only advice on any proposed scheme but depending on the form for the DBE, detailed and thorough advice on that form, what changes to the existing structures will be necessary and how to achieve that. Alongside this the fee provides an additional number of hours of legal support for associated issues flowing out of the main changes to ensure a DBE is able to operate effectively from the implementation date.

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