How the Governance Advisory Service can help schools

Stone King and the Confederation of Schools Trusts (CST) have joined forces for its Governance Advisory Service to provide bespoke services on a wide range of topics including:

  • Helping you to keep your governance fully aligned to the expectations on trusts
  • The operational reality of your schools with national best practice
  • Joining or Growing – supporting the Trust Capacity Fund
  • Critical Event Support

The Governance Advisory Service draws on the legal expertise of Stone King and the daily experience of CST as the national organisation and sector body for schools trusts.

Services are bespoke to match your current and future trust needs, helping to keep your governance fully aligned to expectations, the operational reality and national best practice.

Stone King is a top-ranked specialist legal advisor for schools and has been advising academy trusts since 2002. We will use this expertise to help academy trusts grow and develop governance and leadership and there are two types of evaluation and review.

Trust Board Review

This is an external evaluation of your board, focusing on corporate effectiveness and board dynamics and processes.

Cost to CST members £1,500 + VAT and travel expenses

Cost to non-members of CST £2,000 + VAT and travel expenses

Full Trust Governance Review

This is an integrated review looking at the effectiveness of your trust-wide governance, including the interaction among and between members, the trust board and your local school committees or boards.

The review aims to provide an objective insight into the effectiveness of governance arrangements across the whole governance structure.

Cost to CST members £2,500 +VAT and travel expenses

Cost to non-members of CST £3,200 + VAT and travel expenses

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