Stone King is able to offer specialist representation at Inquests convened by Coroners to examine the circumstances surrounding a sudden and unexpected death.

An Inquest is the formal legal procedure in which the cause and circumstances of the person’s death are examined in a formal way in order to establish when, how and where that person died.

The Coroner will then summarise the evidence and provide their verdict, which must include the deceased’s name, the disease or injury that caused their death, the time, place and circumstances of their death, and finally their conclusion (or the conclusion of the jury in some cases) as to the cause of death.

Our team will arrange for the disclosure of evidence from the Coroner, the obtaining of expert evidence and advice about the procedure and potential verdicts.  We will also provide representation at the Inquest by an experienced solicitor or barrister.

We can represent the family of the deceased or the interests of someone designated by the Coroner to be a ‘properly interested person’ (PIP).  For example previous PIPs for whom we have acted have included the school at which the deceased attended and the care home at which the deceased had resided.  We are always mindful in such circumstances of the overall sensitivities and the potential reputational issues.

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