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High net worth divorce: Financial dispute settled out of court

Mr J is a wealthy individual with a professional career and significant income. He owns property and land worth over £1.3million and crucially has a pension worth over £2.5million. When his wife decided she wanted to separate, he was naturally concerned about the prospect of losing his hard earned wealth.

Mr J lived in London, but had been recommended to Meg Moss by a colleague. Meg met Mr J in person at the initial consultation and they were able to correspond by phone, email and Skype thereafter.

The divorce became very contentious when issues such as inherited assets, pensions, maintenance and the payment of substantial school fees were discussed. Meg developed a strategic approach to these issues and negotiated on her client’s behalf to ensure a very favourable outcome, without the need for either parties to attend a final hearing in court.

Unexpected inheritance: Protecting inherited wealth

Mrs D instructed Tracey Smith to handle her divorce. It appeared to be a straight forward division of the marital assets, with no children or complex issues involved.

During the divorce proceedings, Mrs D’s father sadly passed away. Mrs D was to inherit over £3million and it became necessary to protect this inherited wealth within the divorce but also in the long term to ensure no future claims could be made by Mr D.

Mr D had limited assets and a relatively low income. He chose to represent himself in the divorce and took no legal advice. He was also living abroad at the time which created difficulties in contacting him and led to a very drawn-out process, causing Mrs D considerable stress and worry.

Tracey dealt with the case sensitively and constructively to ensure a fair outcome was achieved. The former matrimonial home was transferred into Mrs D’s sole name and she retained the majority of the inherited wealth. She gave Mr D a generous lump sum and there was a clean break in respect of all other matters, to ensure that Mr D could not make any further claims against her in the future.

Difficult divorce: Lack of financial disclosure

Mrs S and her husband were married for 5 years, living a lavish international lifestyle, with a home worth £2million. Mr S is the director of several international companies.

Meg Moss represented Mrs S in their divorce, taking control of the process when Mr S became difficult and unwilling to declare his full financial situation, as well as restricting Mrs S and their daughter access to the family home, of which he was the sole owner. There were concerns of domestic abuse and the safety of the couple’s young daughter.

After meticulous examination of Mr S’s accounts including the consideration of offshore company tax, Meg was able to present a strong case for Mrs S and illustrate to the court the full extent of Mr S’ wealth. In light of this, Mrs S was awarded a significant share of the marital assets.

Mrs S was grateful to Meg not only for fighting her corner and helping her achieve a fair financial outcome, but also for the emotional support and reassurance Meg provided throughout the process.

Divorcing Directors: The discreet break up of a family business

Mr and Mrs B were joint directors of a successful company based in the Cotswolds and had been married for 6 years. For the past 4 years, Mr B has been at home caring for their twin daughters while Mrs B worked full time.

When Mr B came to Mowbray Woodwards Mrs B had moved out of the family home leaving him as the sole carer of their children. Mr B instructed Tracey Smith and made clear his main concern was financial security having put his own career on hold for several years. He was also worried about the lack of communication from Mrs B in recent months about the business and financial accounts.

Tracey was able to gain full financial disclosure from Mrs B and after meticulous scrutiny of the business accounts could present a clear picture of the joint assets to be divided. Mr B decided to exit the business and Tracey worked with colleagues in the Commercial Law team at Mowbray Woodwards to help Mr B with this matter.

Despite great hostility from Mrs B during the divorce and business proceedings, Tracey secured an excellent outcome for Mr B. He was paid a lump sum as a result of exiting the business, maintenance from Mrs B and the family home transferred into his sole name.

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