Divorce - Costs

Initial Meeting

We offer an initial meeting at a fixed cost of £275. At this meeting you will be able to discuss your situation with one of our senior solicitors who will then explain your options, provide detailed advice and suggest next steps. The information provided in this first meeting can be overwhelming and alot to take in, so we will write to you afterwards outlining everything we have discussed. This arrangement may not be suitable in all cases, but we will confirm this when you make an appointment. After the initial consultation you can choose the level of further support you require, based on your specific needs.

Funding Your Case

We are committed to being open and flexible about our costs and offer two options for funding your case:

1. Ongoing Fees

We typically charge on an hourly basis. The rates you pay will de­pend on the experience and the seniority of the solicitor you choose and will apply to all the time we spend working for you including further face to face meetings, drafting and consid­ering documents, phone calls, emails and other correspondence.

Once we have a clear idea of your circumstances and the course of action you want to take, we can give you a realistic estimate of your likely costs both for the entirety of your case and for each step of the way. We can in some circumstances agree fixed or capped fees for specific items of work.

In common with almost all firms, we will ask for money on account towards your costs be­fore we start to work on your case.

2. Fixed Fee Service

If you are worried about escalating legal bills or need expert advice but not someone to run your case for you, our Fixed Fee service could be for you.

This scheme enables you to select the level of involvement we have in your case. This will usually consist of face-to-face meetings as and when you want them: you simply “pay and go” each time you see us. We don’t generally get involved with phone calls, letters and emails so you don’t need to worry about a bill running up as your case proceeds. We can operate this system using phone calls, emails and Skype for those clients who live abroad or have difficulty getting to the office.

Meetings are usually an hour long and each hour has a fixed cost which will range from £270 to £288 (including VAT) depending on the complexity of your case and the seniority of the lawyer required. Our solicitors are all highly experienced so you can be sure of high quality, realistic advice and true value for money.

It is up to you how you choose to use your time with us. We can advise on options and procedures, develop strategy, consider settlement proposals, help draft letters or check forms.

Some people who use our Fixed Fee service find that they change their minds and decide they want us to take a more active role in their affairs. The arrangements can always be reviewed if you want us to represent you formally in court or in relation to your negotiations.

We do however reserve the right to decline to offer this service if we think it would be inappropriate for your situation.

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