Our highly experienced International and Cross-Border team are able to assist with a range of succession planning services for UK nationals who either live abroad or are due to move abroad.

  • Project managing both the UK and the overseas jurisdiction(s) so that our clients only need a single point of contact for their succession
  • Assessing which legal system applies to which asset.
  • Working with our preferred foreign lawyers for any work needs to be completed in each jurisdiction.
  • Calculating your UK tax liability and submitting UK tax returns where appropriate.
  • Applying for a UK grant of probate
  • Instructing and liaising with our preferred foreign lawyers, to calculate any foreign tax liability, file returns and settle any overseas tax liabilities.
  • Co-ordinating and assisting with the signature of any foreign succession documentation, to facilitate obtaining the local equivalent of a grant of probate.
  • Co-ordinating any UK and overseas tax liability to mitigate the consequences of double taxation and applying, if necessary, double taxation conventions.
  • Providing HMRC with a robust analysis of a person’s   domicile status for inheritance tax purposes.
  • Advising upon and preparing deeds of variation, for the purposes of any post death tax planning from a UK and international perspective.

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