For those accused of indecent behaviour, who want help and therapy, we offer a unique and innovative psyco-legal Therapy and Treatment Package. Developed in collaboration with leading forensic psychology specialists and our own expert lawyers, Our specialist access to a range of therapeutic and treatment services for those facing the criminal justice system.


For as long as people have been arrested for this type of offence, the police and court system has focussed treatment needs on the highest risk offenders after they have been convicted and sentenced in court. For individuals who offend because of a drink or drug addiction, or a gambling problem, there are well trodden routes of rehabilitation.

But for those who have offended, especially for those who have no other previous convictions, and who want professional help and support, the options for expert therapeutic support have, until now, been more or less non-existent and where they are available are often very difficult to access. But rehabilitation is crucial. In the words of the Sentencing Guidelines, “Where there is sufficient prospect of rehabilitation, a community order with a treatment program requirement … can be a proper alternative to a short or medium length custodial sentence.

As leading defence specialists, our team have filled this void, to ensure clients who want it can get access to the very best specialist therapy available. By offering a staged Treatment Pathway, and through our close links with the very best experts in this evolving field, we can offer a unique program of therapy that will deliver the very best outcomes available, tailored for every individual.

Stage One

An Introduction to Therapy and Rehabilitation for those accused, this is an office based module to inform and empower the individual about what Therapy and Rehabilitation means and the therapeutic options available. We will explore the importance and role of therapy and treatment in the criminal justice system, the impact on sentence and the approaches available during any investigation or prosecution. A participant will be provided with core texts for self-study and other specialist written material. You will learn about what therapy involves, how and why it will help you and your case, understand and discuss risk and the risk management procedures you are likely to face and more. This will either be a foundation for the assessment and therapy to come or will be a stand-alone session to facilitate a self-help program going forward.

Stage Two

For those who wish to undertake treatment, stage two is an entirely independent Psychological Treatment Needs Assessment. Undertaken by leading independent forensic psychology specialists, this bespoke assessment will identify the central treatment needs in relation to offending risk and your well-being and lead to recommendations for the most effective program of therapy. It is a unique opportunity. The Psychological Treatment Needs Assessment will then inform the individual and therapist about appropriate treatment topics and modules, and draws on the most innovative and leading thinking on the treatment of offenders, able to operate significantly ahead of statutory or probation based programs.

Stage Three

The main phase of treatment, the Treatment Plan. This may be delivered through your existing or own choice of therapist using the Psychological Treatment Needs Assessment to inform their work, or you may wish to undertake the therapy offered by the expert service who conducted your assessment. The work may include participation in a specialist group work program specifically developed for this package, individual therapy sessions, one-to one psychologist appointments, or a combination of options. The Treatment Plan is likely to be delivered over a 6 -12 month period, although every case is different and your treatment needs assessor will make recommendations as to what would be the most appropriate pathway in your specific case. The experts we work with operate on a non-judgmental basis. They have vast experience in working with people facing allegations, convictions or risky behaviour, and will consider your case as an individual and a person. This is crucial, as the factors contributing to behaviour will be different for every person and in addressing these factors each person has different needs. The expert provider knows that this may be one of the most stressful situations you have found yourself in, and they will work to help you as a whole person.


Crucially, progress from the Introductory Session, through the Treatment Needs Assessment and then the Treatment Plan will be documented and evaluated. The therapist(s) will provide information on your progress from their perspective, which is independent from us as solicitors, and so this professional opinion can be helpful and persuasive for decision makers in your case. You may choose a package that includes post-treatment forensic psychological risk assessment. Up to date reports of the highest quality can, if you choose, be made available at any stage. The view of an independent forensic psychologist in relation to your individual progress and risk can be extremely useful. We can provide risk assessments. The experts we work with are highly experienced specialists in this field, and they are able to communicate their views clearly in written reports and in oral evidence where needed. Therapy is a highly personal process, and there is no guarantee of success; readiness for treatment, an open mind, honesty and engagement is central to your progress. This is why we have a staged, incremental process. However, an individual facing the Criminal Justice System, Social Services, an Employer, family or other decision maker, can be assured that their commitment to self-improvement and living a healthy life can be demonstrably and reliably described by independent experts of the highest standing. The specialists we work with not only deliver treatment and assessments as part of their routine practice, they are also experts with regard to publishing peer-reviewed scientific journals in forensic psychology and are very well respected experts in their field

You do not have to wait to do something about what has happened. Our approach to legal advice and services is to solve the wider problem through being pro-active, not reactive. If getting therapy sounds like it might be part of your solution, we can help.

What our clients say

"This firm is ahead of the market in terms of its client care and its attention to detail. They offer a blend of essential qualities that are required in dealing with stressful and delicate matters."

Legal 500, 2020

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