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Making a Will that's right for you

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets – a practical guide for executors and legacy managers

Many will have seen stories in the news about cryptocurrencies and what can happen when the owner who has sole access to the password dies. The Independent recently reported on the death of Gerald Cotten, the chief executive of the QuadrigaCX exchange, who was believed to have had the only password to £145 million of cryptocurrency.

Can you claim additional Inheritance Tax Relief?

The Residence Nil Rate Band is an additional Inheritance Tax allowance that can be claimed for estates where the deceased owned their own home and left their home, or a share of it, to their direct descendants.

The current additional allowance is £150,000 and will increase to £175,000 in April 2020. This means that in April 2020 married couples and civil partners will potentially be able to claim Inheritance Tax allowances totalling £1million.

However, there are significant limitations to when the additional Residence Nil Rate Band can be claimed:

5 Steps to writing your Will

A surprising number of people don't get around to writing a Will. We are all busy people and, because it can feel daunting, it stays on the 'to do' list. But if you want to choose who you leave your assets to, it's important to have a Will in place. Below are five simple steps to take you through what you need to do:

1. Work out roughly what you own

Therefore what your Will covers. Have a idea of the size of your estate and the value of your assets such as your home.

Will power! Why making a will matters

The glib quip ‘Where’s there’s a will there’s a relative’ is popular with comedians, eager to poke fun.

However when it comes to wills there’s a serious side, with national law firm Stone King knowing it’s hard enough dealing with the death of a loved one without the added stress of managing the legal aspects.

It makes sense to leave your affairs in order so loved ones can negotiate their way through legalities more easily at what can be a very difficult time.


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