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Family & Mediation

January and divorce – can mediation help?

Traditionally the beginning of a new year is often a busy time for family solicitors receiving a spike in new divorce enquiries. Christmas can prove to be one stress too many for some couples, with online divorce applications even logged during the festive season. What the 24-hour online facility does not do is to consider the many thousands of children who are affected by their parent’s breakdown.

The dangers of DIY divorce

Divorce can be stressful and it can be tempting for separating couples to try and save time and money by getting a quick, do-it-yourself divorce. However, there is a real danger that cutting corners now by getting a ‘quickie’ divorce could cost you dearly in the longer term.

Coercive & Controlling Behaviour

In December 2015 coercive and controlling behaviour became illegal in England and Wales. Since then, there has been a steady rise in awareness of the signs of coercive control and an increase in allegations.

What is coercive control?

Domestic abuse is not just physical. Coercive control is a persistent form of emotional and psychological abuse, forming a pattern of behavior by an abuser to harm, punish or frighten their victim. Examples of this behaviour include:


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