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December 07, 2012

Constitutional & Governance

Constitutional & Governance

Guidance for good governance

We understand that charities and social enterprises need constitutional and governance structures that are both fit for purpose in a modern world and compliant with the ever changing regulatory landscape.

We work with our clients to achieve structures that are practical, efficient and, where appropriate, limit personal liability for charity trustees.

We understand the benefits and restrictions of permanent endowment and seek to help charities to maximise their use of such assets in a way that is consistent with their history whilst adapting to current needs.

Organisational Changes

We are experienced in updating structures to ensure they meet modern needs. We have worked with many organisations to rationalise their services through mergers, hive-offs and incorporation. When charities have fulfilled their objectives we are able to assist with an orderly closure.

Building relationships that work

Regulation is a dominant factor for charities, in particular their relationship with the Charity Commission. We regard a good working relationship with the Charity Commission as being essential to our charity clients’ best interests, and we strive to maintain this whilst making sure that our charity clients’ views are heard and understood.

We have a number of former Commission staff working with us, which helps us understand better the internal workings of the Commission. We are also members of the Commission’s Interim Managers Panel.

Members of the firm work closely with the Charity Law Association, both on the Executive Committee and working parties, to aid in the development of legislation and policy guidance that meets the specific needs of charities.

Our understanding enables us to make sure that our charity clients comply with the regulatory framework whilst, at the same time, enabling us to assist charities when things do not go quite to plan.

Working further afield

We appreciate that many of our charity clients need assistance in other jurisdictions, in particular Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland. We have well established contacts with professionals in these jurisdictions and a much wider international basis.