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May 24, 2018

Education Retainer Service

Education Retainer Service

We offer retainer services to all our state-funded clients. Each of our Retainers offers a service designed to meet your needs. You will receive focused practical advice from specialist lawyers/HR consultants on operational issues that arise day to day. We aim to resolve issues swiftly and without additional expense. We have more than 40 specialists working for educational establishments on a daily basis. We have a deep understanding of the education sector and the capacity to deliver that knowledge quickly when required. There is no small print. You can terminate your Retainer agreement simply by notifying us in writing at any time before the beginning of the following term if you pay termly or at any time before the beginning of the following academic year if you pay annually. There are 3 discrete services.

Legal Support Retainer

All types of routine everyday legal queries will be covered under our Legal Support Retainer so long as they can be solved within an hour of our time. These queries can be about any matter, but we routinely advise on admissions, exclusions, special educational needs, school governance, safeguarding, health and safety, employment, contracts, property and construction. The service gives schools/Trusts quick, concise and practical advice, ideally on a preventative basis. There is a fixed termly or annual fee and no limit to the number of matters that can be raised per term. The fee includes a monthly email briefing, free access to Stone King training seminars, access to our complete suite of policy building tools in the retainer members’ area of our website and a 10% discount on fees for more substantial matters that fall outside the retainer.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Retainer Director for more details:

Laura Berman
020 7324 1767
Click here to email Laura

HR Retainer

Routine HR queries are not included in the Legal Support Retainer and for these we have a separate HR Retainer. We have a team of HR Consultants with specialist knowledge of the education sector. They work closely in the same team together with our employment solicitors. The HR consultants provide unlimited telephone and email advice during core school hours 8.30 am to 5.00 pm on any number of issues that would typically resolve within 2 or 3 hours of time. These queries can be about any HR matter, but we routinely advise on STPCD, Burgundy Book, Green Book and other collective agreements, contract terms, policies, redundancy, capability, grievance, disciplinary and ill health procedures, recruitment, absence management and exit interviews. The standard HR Retainer does not include on-site support, but this can be included within our HR Retainer Plus Retainer. The cost for the HR retainer is based on the number of staff directly employed at the organisation and includes the same benefits as described above.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Head of HR Consultancy Services for more details:

Craig Vincent
0113 302 4703
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Information Law 

Our specialist information law team provides cost-effective, novel solutions to our Education clients on privacy, data protection, GDPR, data transfer challenges and data breaches.

Information law is a fast moving and complex legal landscape which calls for specialists not generalists.

Our Information law team is led by a core of Information lawyers with specialist qualifications and long-standing expertise. The team has sector-specific experience and works alongside lawyers in the education team to deliver truly practical and cost-effective solutions to help you navigate the Information Law regulatory maze.

Our DPO Lookout Service is now included in the education retainer package

Please do not hesitate to contact  for more details:

Joanna Lake
01225 326758
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