Our specialist Information Law team provides cost-effective legal advice, support and staff training through novel and flexibly priced options so educational establishments can pick and choose a level of service that suits their requirements.

DPO Lookout is now available as part of our Education Retainer service


Information law is a fast moving legal landscape that calls for specialists not generalists. Data protection, GDPR, freedom of information and privacy have rapidly evolved into a highly technical areas.

Our Information law team comprises a core of Information lawyers with specialist qualifications and long-standing expertise, practising exclusively Information Law. The team has sector-specific experience and works hand-in-hand with lawyers in our education, dispute resolution and charity teams to provide you with pragmatic, cost-effective and rapid solutions.

Because you are choosing pure Information Lawyers from a firm that specialises in Education Law, you can be confident that you are making an intelligent choice and selecting from the very best.

Key Facts

Depending on your size and requirements, the Information Law Retainer offers three different levels of service when it comes to legal advice. DPOLookOut provides 3 matters per term (of up to 1 hour per matter) i.e. 9 matters per year. DPOGuardian provides unlimited matters per year (of up to 15 hours per year) and DPOSentinel provides unlimited matters ( of up to 30 hours per year).

The Information Law Team provides full spectrum advice on both the UK and EU GDPR, Freedom of Information, Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) and planning for the ePrivacy Regulation (set to replace PECR), direct marketing compliance issues, a full data breach management service, international data transfers, data sharing, data protection audits and health checks.

If you require template documentation, choose either DPOGuardian or DPOSentinel. DPOGuardian will provide you with a suite of core template documents including state of the art Privacy Notices that you can adapt to suit your requirements. DPOGuardian has an even richer choice of documentation.

If template documents is not something you need, you may only need DPOLookOut. This is why we have created a variety of levels so as to give you choice.

The Information Law Retainer gives access to novel and up-to-the-minute staff training in data protection delivered by specialist lawyers. Depending on which service you select you can choose between the convenience of digital online learning through our specialist online platform or our School Certificate in Data Protection webinar delivered by one of our Information Lawyers. The point is we give our clients choice.


DPO Sentinel

DPO Guardian

DPO Lookout

Price per year




Legal Advice from an Information Lawyer

30 hours’ legal advice per year. Unlimited matters.




Legal Advice from an Information Lawyer

15 hours’ legal advice a year. Unlimited matters.




Legal Advice from an Information Lawyer

1 hours’ legal advice per matter. Maximum 3* matters per year

*From 1 Sept 2022 this increases to 9 matters per year




“The Information Law Toolkit”

Access to a suite of template core policies and privacy notices, consent forms and guidance in digital, online and customisable format: 

Privacy Notices (separate versions for independent schools and public authority schools. Available in both layered and non-layered format.):

  • Privacy Notice for Younger Pupils (aimed at parents / carers)
  • Privacy Notice for Older Pupils
  • Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers
  • Privacy Notice for Staff


  • Staff Data Protection Policy
  • Information Security Policy
  • BYOD Policy
  • Policy on the Use of Images and Video and Template Consent Forms
  • Retention and Deletion Policy (public authority school version)
  • Retention and Deletion Policy (independent school version)
  • Biometrics Policy and Template Biometrics Consent Form
  • Freedom of Information Policy
  • FOI Publication Scheme





“The Information Law Toolkit PLUS”

Includes the “The Information Law Toolkit” above together with:

  • Subject Access Request Policy
  • Template Record of Processing Activities (ROPA) (to help you comply with Article 30 UK GDPR)
  • Data Breach Log
  • Data Breach Protocol
  • Template Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and Guidance
  • Template Data Processing Agreement and Guidance
  • Pre-Contract Due Diligence Questionnaire (for contracting with a data processor)






Staff Data Protection Training



1-hour pre-recorded webinar staff training session delivered by Stone King


Up to x50 licences for Tenjin “Essentials” Foundation Module

(Additional users: 51-500 users charged at £5 per user. 501 + users charged at £2.50 per user)












Staff Data Protection Training



“School Certificate in Data Protection” / “Independent School Certificate in Data Protection” (a two hour “all staff” essential data protection training delivered by a data protection lawyer. Virtual and interactive. The school will receive a certificate).


Up to x225 licences for Tenjin “Essentials” Foundation Module for “All Staff” (Additional users: 226-500 users charged at £5 per user. 501 + users charged at £2.50 per user)



Up to x160 licences for the Tenjin Foundation Module (partially bespoked training for your school) (Additional users: 161-500 users charged at £5 per user. 501 + users charged at £2.50 per user)











TENJIN Digital Training 

Access to the Tenjin online platform (assessed, role-based data protection training for schools) via www.mytenjin.com


15% discount off any Tenjin product*


*Discount does not apply to “Tenjin Essentials”


10% discount off any Tenjin Digital Product*


*Discount does not apply to “Tenjin Essentials




1 place per year on an SK information law training course and/or SK’s GDPR Clinic

10% Discount off SK Information Law Conference

Data Protection Review

A high-level assessment of your organisation’s compliance with the main requirements of the UK GDPR including the documentary and accountability requirements (e.g. requirements in respect of a DPO, Privacy Notices, cookie notices, BYOD policies, ROPA, staff training, direct marketing, consents for use of images, outsourcing of processing to a data processor, data sharing etc).


  • You will be sent a compliance questionnaire for completion.
  • Follow-up call with a data protection lawyer to discuss your current data protection compliance.
  • You will receive a summary of the conversation.


Following this meeting you may wish to purchase a Data Protection Health Check or a full Data Protection Audit







Information Law Alerts

If you consent, you will receive information law alerts straight to your inbox together with news about our Information law events, products and services.







DPO Webinars and VLOGs

Access to twice a year webinars (jointly with other users) for your DPO / expert level







SK Law newsletter including information law as appropriate

The law and practice referred to in this article or webinar has been paraphrased or summarised. It might not be up-to-date with changes in the law and we do not guarantee the accuracy of any information provided at the time of reading. It should not be construed or relied upon as legal advice in relation to a specific set of circumstances.