The latest CIPD Health and Wellbeing at Work survey report shows the highest level of sickness absence in a decade, with many managers stating that they don’t have the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage staff wellbeing and absence. 

Managing sickness absence is important for any organisation. Having staff off sick is costly both in terms of sick pay for the individual as well as the cost of any temporary staff to cover their absence. There can also be an impact on service provision, lost productivity and the wellbeing of other employees. Therefore, it is crucial to understand why staff are sick so you can support them and get them back to work.  

Our session aims to give you the skills to understand how to manage sickness absence effectively. Sean Honan will talk you through the HR aspects of managing sickness absence and Karen Amos will discuss how managers can adopt a coaching approach to effectively deal with sickness absence and staff wellbeing.

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Tuesday 21 November 2023

Start - 10:00 am
Finish - 11:00 am

Sean Honan, Senior HR Consultant, Stone King LLP

Karen Amos, Coaching and Training Consultant, Stone King LLP