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Independent schools: Election 2024 series
Partners named as Best Lawyers® in UK (2025 edition)

Stone King is delighted to have a number of partners named in the 2025 edition of Best Lawyers® in the United Kingdom, the legal profession’s foremost peer-review publication company.

Case Study: Children relocation
Election FAQs for charities

Stone King Partner and Co-Head of the firm’s Charity Sector Rosamund McCarthy Etherington answers questions that charities may have in the run up to the general election.

In these bite-size audio clips she covers lawful charity campaigning in the lead-up to the general election; non-political and political campaigning and what happens if the former becomes the latter; what the Electoral Commission will count as regulated activity; non-party campaigners and which regulated activities may require registration with the Electoral Commission; and further guidance issued by the Charity Commission.

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