The team support individuals with complex immigration cases, ranging from spouse visa applications to niche private and family life applications with a history of appeals. For instance, where individuals may not have detailed evidence of their immigration history, where their personal situation may complicate the application or where there have been previous negative decisions.

In light of the end of free movement, the team have assisted EU national and non-EU national clients alike in obtaining visas to come to the UK to be with family.

The team were instructed by a married couple whose children were British nationals. The spouse had been exercising their right of free movement as an EU national when the family previously resided in the UK. The family had moved overseas prior to the end of free movement. Upon their return to the UK post-Brexit, it was necessary for the spouse to apply for a spouse visa.

The application was urgent as the family had commitments in their personal lives that required the spouse to be in the UK. An application was therefore submitted under the priority service. The application was successful and the spouse was able to arrive in the UK to be with their family.

I will be forever grateful to Katherine Neylan for introducing me to Julie Moktadir to help me navigate a UK settlement issue. Julie was incredibly knowledgeable, communicated clearly, kept me informed and delivered on time and within the anticipated costs. From the moment she picked up the phone I knew I was in the right hands. Thank you. Private Client

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