Sponsoring Students in Independent Schools – How to become a student sponsor and why holding a sponsor licence is a valuable asset for your independent school 

Independent schools have the ability to sponsor overseas students under the Child Student route (for children aged 4 – 17) or the Student route (for children aged 16+). In our experience, the sponsorship of international students to study in the UK often represents a significant revenue stream for an independent school as well as enabling overseas students to experience the UK education system.

In this webinar, Julianna Barker will discuss how to become a Student/Child Student sponsor licence holder, the key sponsorship duties that sponsors must comply with to meet their record keeping and reporting duties as well as the common safeguarding issues and mistakes made by sponsors.

With the potential tax changes that may come into place under a Labour government, we will also look at how sponsoring overseas students could benefit your independent school in the future.  

An interactive session, there will be the opportunity to ask questions throughout.

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Tuesday 21 November 2023

Start - 2:00 pm
Finish - 2:30 pm

Julianna Barker, Chartered Legal Executive, Stone King LLP