The Swedish Church in London is able to fill a key role having secured a specialised visa to bring a native Swedish Bishop to work in the UK.

Bishop Tuulikki, an eminent theologian, will take up the Rector role at the London church on a temporary basis, following help in the application process from national law firm Stone King.

Madelaine Mason, Chair of Trustees of the Swedish Church in London, said:

“We are so pleased to have successfully secured Bishop Tuulikki a visa so she can bring her enormous expertise to our congregation. We are privileged to have an individual of her stature join us, her support and experience will be invaluable.”

Having retired from her full-time role in 2014, Bishop Tuulikki now acts as a ‘locum’ to congregations throughout Europe who require her assistance. At the Swedish Church in London she will perform mainly pastoral duties, primarily leading the Swedish Church.

Julie Moktadir, Stone King’s head of Immigration, said the visa granted is a specialised one for leaders of Religious Organisations which are vital for growing churches’ international congregations. She says:

“Being able to bring a renowned member of the Swedish Church to lead a congregation in the UK is hugely important for the church to reach, support and grow its members.

“Recently we have helped a number of faith organisations obtain sponsorship licenses. The Minister of Religion and Religious Worker route is a lifeline for faith organisations, allowing recruitment from overseas to support congregations at what is a difficult time for many.”

The Swedish Church in London promotes the Christian faith and its charitable purposes for the benefit of parish members and those closely associated with them, with wider community activities including its celebrated annual Christmas market.