With the Brexit transition period over, Head of Immigration Julie Moktadir provides a training session on the recent changes to immigration law in light of Brexit, the new points-based immigration system and what these changes mean for employers in the Charity Sector.

The training covers an up-to-date overview of right to work checks, including for European nationals now that the UK has left the EU. Consideration is given to the movement of EU nationals, for example frontier workers, as well as visitor visas for the purposes of business activities and longer-term travel. Sponsorship is also covered, including the new types of Certificate of Sponsorship and the continued compliance requirement. Additional consideration is given to volunteers from overseas and the new flexibility within the rules for switching between immigration routes.

Basic Training

The basic training package is for employers in the Charity Sector and costs £250 per organisation. This includes access to the training video and a briefing sheet with key information about the session. A link will be emailed to you after payment is made.

Right to Work Compliance Audit package

If you would prefer to have a full audit, we are including the basic training at no extra cost with any virtual or in-person immigration right to work compliance audit. A key package for all employers, the audit enables our experienced team to conduct checks on your current HR processes and procedures. Relevant to employers who do not employ anyone from overseas as well as those who are sponsors, our audits offer an overview of good practice and areas that may need updating. With the continued risk of civil penalties for failure to hold statutory excuses, employers have offered excellent feedback for these packages.

For further information on the full audit package please contact Head of Immigration Julie Moktadir


Cost: £250.00