Our work with charities

Stone King’s work with charities has always been at the heart of our practice. We are recognised as one of the leading law firms for charities in the UK. Our lawyers act for many hundreds of charities across the sector from household names, including almost 200 of the largest charities in the UK, through to local community groups.

The lawyers in our charity and social enterprise sector group work predominantly for charity clients and are able to provide practical solutions to problems based on our in-depth knowledge and experience of charities and how they operate. We understand the environment in which charities operate and that “charities mean business”.

Our charity sector group of over 50 lawyers is spread across our regional office network and is headed by Tim Rutherford (Partner, Bath and London). Within the sector group we have one of the largest teams of specialist charity lawyers in the country, including Ann Phillips (Senior Partner Charities, London), Julian Blake (Partner, London), Tom Murdoch (Partner, Leeds), Hannah Kubie (Partner, London) and Reema Mathur (Partner, London).

Supporting charities and social enterprises is our core focus. Please get in touch with us today to discuss how we can support you and your organisation.

Key partners

Core partner of E3M, Stone King, provides expertise and shares experience and knowledge about the key ingredients for successful social enterprise development and growth.

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