Intellectual Property (or IP) takes many forms and is an asset which should be seen as a vital part of any business, whether you are a large multi-national corporation, a small start-up, a not-for-profit organisation or anything in between. Understanding what IP you have and how it is relevant to your business as well as having a strategy not only to protect but also to exploit its commercial value is therefore essential.

In the digital age, an understanding of how the law relates to technology and to commerce in the on-line environment is also critical for any business.

There are also many pitfalls in IP law which need to be avoided when carrying on any form of business. Compliance with data protection laws and marketing regulations are just two examples.

Our team of IP specialist lawyers understands the value of IP to a business and can help you to realise its potential and to protect it when necessary. We can also help you to deal with challenges from other businesses who seek to enforce their IP rights against you, as well as help you to navigate the legal obstacles which you will face in doing business in the 21st century.

We have experience in all aspects of IP law and we advise clients from a wide variety of industry sectors including advertising, art, betting and gaming, charities, design, education, entertainment, fashion, hotels, leisure, manufacturing, music, property, publishing, retail and technology.

We deliver high quality, commercial advice and everything we do for you is driven by our desire to deliver value through efficiency, understanding and communication.

The different areas of IP in which we specialise and the services we offer are described below.

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