Our expert International and Cross-Border team offers a wide range of legal services for US nationals living in the UK. 

We can assist you with the following:

  • Analysing your residence and domicile status and their impact on the succession and taxation of your assets
  • Updating your Will regarding the succession of your UK assets, including any dovetailing arrangements with your US Will or lifetime trust
  • Advising on the interaction between the USA and UK legal systems and the differing tax treatment of assets in each jurisdiction (liaising closely with your US advisers as necessary)
  • Analysing any potential exposure to the UK capital gains tax regime and the applicability of the US/UK double taxation convention to your circumstances
  • Planning for any UK inheritance tax liability


Watch: US/UK Estate Planning with Stone King

Effective international estate planning for assets in the US and the UK requires a comprehensive approach due to differing tax systems and legal frameworks. Considerations include UK Inheritance Tax, US Estate Duty, double taxation concerns, and trust tax treatment.

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