Reputed for its work with the religious charity sector, Stone King are able to offer a new dimension to this support through the Immigration team. Many religious organisations previously relied on free movement within the EU to fill the roles in UK communities, and some must now look at alternative routes as a result of Brexit.

With the need for convents and other religious organisations to look outside of the UK for support, there has been rapid development of this niche area, and the team assist many organisations with visa applications for individuals under the Minister of Religion and Religious Worker routes.

As a trustee of the Immigration Law Practitioners Association (ILPA), Julie regularly delivers in-depth training to other legal professionals on this area of law. Her expertise has led to her becoming a faith champion within Stone King, guiding firmwide development, building on knowledge of the issues clients face in the faith-sector and how these can be addressed. Julie has also attended the Association of Provincial Bursars (APB) Conference and presented on the options available to religious organisations wishing to bring overseas nationals to the UK.

Church granted specialised visa to bring a Swedish Bishop to the UK

We would be pleased to be associated with Stone King for many years and our experience has been excellent. Our most recent experience with extending the Tier 2 Visa has been really good – Julie Moktadir was brilliant and we got the extension without any hassle.Faith-based organisation

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