Safeguarding considerations for Schools: Ofsted / ISI inspections in relation to safeguarding

In July 2020, Ofsted announced its phased return to inspection. It will carry out an interim period of visits during the autumn term and intends to resume full inspections in January 2021.

As set out in the announcement, the areas Ofsted will inspect, and how it will report its findings, vary depending upon the type of school.

For example, in the context of safeguarding, in the autumn term:

  • For maintained schools and academies, Ofsted visits will look at how leaders are managing the return to full education for their pupils, including considering ‘blended learning’ (on-site/remote education) and safeguarding. It will include conversations with senior and middle leaders, with one focus being how any identified and specific health and wellbeing issues for particular pupils are being addressed and what may be needed at local and/or national level to support this.
  • For non-association independent schools (i.e. those that are inspected by Ofsted, rather than ISI), Ofsted will carry out non-routine inspections prioritising safety and vulnerability.

At the end of June 2020, ISI announced its plans for inspections in the autumn term 2020. ISI will undertake various actions during the autumn term, although it does not anticipate routine inspections resuming until January 2021.

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