Date updated: Sunday 1st April 2018

This service is designed to resolve employment disputes in the work place at an early stage. Mediators do not make judgments or determine outcomes - they ask questions that help to uncover underlying problems, assist the parties to understand the issues and help them to clarify the options. It can be used at any stage in a dispute but is most effective before positions become entrenched.

The overriding aim of workplace mediation is to restore and maintain the employment relationship wherever possible. This means the focus is on working together to go forward.

Key Benefits

  • Successful mediation can rebuild relationships and create a more productive workplace
  • Reduction in management time, energy and cost managing the conflict
  • The use of an independent and impartial mediation service demonstrates your organisation's commitment to resolve the dispute fairly and constructively
  • Encourages the parties to take responsibility to find and agree their own solutions
  • Less likelihood of legal procedures
  • Improvement of staff communication skills enabling them to resolve differences more quicklyand effectively
  • Reduces stress and sickness absence

Our mediation service includes:

  • Initial separate 1-1 meetings with each party
  • Face-to-face joint meeting with both parties
  • Written Agreements if requested by the parties
  • Administration Work
  • Travel time to meetings

A further review meeting with both parties two months from the mediation can also be arranged for to ensure that agreements have been kept.

This offering will pay for itself, as successful work place mediation will help improve working relationships and resolve the need for costly disputes and you will be able to retain valuable staff leading to a reduction in the number of vacancies. This is particularly important, as the average price of recruiting for just one role has been estimated recently at £30,614 taking into account lost output, advertising fees and time.