Friday 8th March 2024

The first International Women’s Day was held in March 1911 and has grown to a worldwide day of collective global activism and celebration that belongs to all those committed to forging women's equality. 

This year, Stone King is celebrating the amazing impact of women who’ve inspired and acted as role models.

Alison Allen, Elle McDonald, Julie Moktadir and Samantha Walker talk about some of the women they draw inspiration from.

Alison Allen, Stone King’s Chair, said “I am inspired by many women I meet, be that friends, family, clients and colleagues.

“We all experience the curveballs that life throws at you, and over time there is a wisdom that comes with that which enables people to better listen, understand, and support each other.

“As I get older, I find that so especially in the women I know. I find it both inspiring and humbling.”

Elle, a Solicitor in the Dispute Resolution Team, explained why her mother, Irene, is her inspiration.

“My main inspiration has always been my mum – she raised me as a single parent and always ensured I had everything I ever needed and wanted,” she said.

“She was diagnosed with breast cancer approximately 10 years ago and always put on a brave face and it remained her mission to still go to work and walk the dog daily to prove to me she would be able to beat it.

“She has since been in recovery for several years but remains my rock and I only hope one day I will be as much of an inspiration to someone as she is to me.”

Julie, Head of Faith Sector and Head of Immigration, takes inspiration from Tina Toray, her manager at The Royal College of Nursing in 2014.

“Tina treated everybody with immense respect and really had time for everybody. 

“Prior to that, I had always worked in conventional law firms where women really were often pitted against one another and there was often competition and rivalry which was often uncomfortable.

“She gave such a different perspective as did everyone at The Royal College of Nursing.  The organisation was all about people supporting people and really put the spotlight on women supporting women.

“I still think back to my time working under Tina and all of the skills that she modelled and that I was able to learn from. I will forever be grateful.”

Senior PR Specialist Samantha Walker said her mum Eva remains her inspiration.

“Although I haven’t always appreciated it, mum has inspired me in so many ways and really has been my foundation.

“Despite being deaf she went on to buy a house in Chiswick, and helped install what I think may have been one of the first computers in Jamaica for Barclays Bank – so big it took up a whole room apparently. 

“She was also a brilliant lip reader so I had to be careful when I was muttering something rude! 

“A difficult start in life left her hating injustice, championing the underdog and becoming a political activist – she talked about equality before it was even on the agenda.

“She was always my biggest champion and, even though she has since died, I know she has really underpinned what I do in life.”

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