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“Marriage breakdown brings with it strong feelings of fear, uncertainty and it can be stressful. My advice to all my clients is to adopt a constructive approach to resolving matters. Preservation of the families health and wealth is vital. The outcome is of course important but how you get there is equally so, acrimony is harmful to all of the family. Make sure that you appoint a lawyer who recognises the importance to you  of achieving an outcome that is fair, but getting to that resolution in the most positive way possible. It is necessary to be robust and challenging. All of that can be achieved in a constructive clear and reasoned approach. The facts of all of my clients cases are different as are they. It is that which maintains my constant interest in what I do and the determination to do the best by each of my clients."


Tracey advises and assists her clients with all matter arising out of their separation and divorce.

Tracey deals with matters that involve significant assets, business interests, trust arrangements UK based and international and type of pension arrangements. Tracey's experience as a lawyer for over 30 years means that nothing is too complex. I will draw on whatever skills are needed to help my clients that is my absolute priority.

Tracey is a member of Resolution and a qualified Collaborative lawyer.