At Stone King we’re running a series of interactive “Developing Mature Charity Governance” workshops, to extend and complement our established Trustee Training Programme. These new sessions have been specially developed following a consultation to establish what practical governance issues are of particular concern to charities. Numbers for these sessions are limited to enable focussed, interactive discussion.

We encourage you to get in touch with your discussion points prior to your session. Please email with anything you would like to discuss.

Advanced Trustee Training Sessions

Session Three, Acknowledging imperfection: effective governance relationships, looks at:

  • While a Boards of Trustee is a legal construction, it is a human relationship forum managing humans. Where is more attention needed?
  • Relationships include: chair to trustee; trustee to trustee; trustees to committee members; trustees to chief executive; chair to chief executive; trustees to other employees and volunteers.
  • People are capable/less capable; loud/quiet; empathetic/demanding; committed/less committed; experienced/less experienced.

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