We have set out our fees for residential property transactions in the table below. 

These are the base costs for a standard transaction and are provided on the assumption there are no unusual complexities. 

We do recognise it is an important part of our duty to you to make sure you are aware of our fees at the outset and how our fees may increase. 

We are committed to providing transparent pricing information for our services in as clear and understandable format as we can. 

In the event any non-standard elements arise, we will always let you know and agree a further fee estimate and scope of our work with you. 

We will not incur additional time or cost without your prior agreement.

We provide fee estimates based upon hourly rates.  We set out the hourly rate(s) of the fee earner(s) acting in your transaction in our fee estimates and in our terms of engagement.  We have not published these here for reasons of commercial sensitivity.  

Our fee estimates are generally accurate except where anything unexpected or complex arises.

The below figures are on an estimated fee basis

Freehold Sale or Purchase

£0 - £500k 

£3,500 + 20% VAT

£501k - £800k 

£3,500 - £4,950 + 20% VAT

£801k - £1m 

Minimum of £5,000 + 20% VAT upwards.  Higher value properties will be estimated due to the invariable complexity and additional insurance risk we carry.

Over £1m 

*Price estimated separately due to complexity of service and value in these cases
£12,000 upwards + 20% VAT as base but linked to value, complexity and insurance risk carried.

Leasehold Sale or Purchase

Up to £800k

An additional fee of £1,500 + 20% VAT will be added to our base fees above.

Over £800,000 Plus

An additional fee of £2,500 plus 20% VAT will be added to our base fees above.


We do not act in remortgages for new clients and assess instructions for existing clients on a case-by-case basis

Disbursements will vary but generally:
Purchases and remortgages:  

Search fees £400-£500 inclusive of 20% VAT.

Land Registry search fees: £3 plus 20% VAT for a priority search at completion, per title and £2 plus 20% VAT per bankruptcy search against all named individuals in the contract and any party funding the purchase, where there is any mortgage funding involved. 

Search of the Index Max:  £4 plus 20% VAT.

Land Registry office copy entries:  £3 plus VAT per title document (usually no more than £15-£20 plus 20% VAT in total).

Land Registry registration fees:  On a scale, depending on value, usually £40-£500 if filed electronically.  For new leases or transfers of part, £1,100 is the highest for properties valued at over £1 million.  No VAT is charged on the registration fee.

Bank transfer administration fees:  £40 plus 20% VAT per same-day (CHAPS) payment.

Notice fees for leasehold properties of freehold properties where a management company is involved:   Fees are dependent upon the management company/freeholder.  The fees generally range between £40 (no VAT) to £250 plus 20% VAT. Local authority freeholders do not charge VAT.



Land Registry office copy entries:  £3 plus VAT per title (usually no more than £15-£20 plus 20% VAT in total)

Search of the Index Max:  £4 plus VAT.

Management information (for freehold properties with managed communal areas or leasehold properties) £250-£350 on average inclusive of 20% VAT where the management company or freeholder charges 20% VAT (local authorities tend not to).

Bank transfer administration fees:  £40 plus 20% VAT per same-day (CHAPS) payment

Additional Costs:

We do not act in Shared Ownership matters.
We do not act in remortgages for new clients.
Transfer of Equity - £2,750 + 20% VAT

The above estimate bands are for single sale and purchase of freehold property. 

For leasehold property there may be a requirement for a bespoke estimate at the point of instruction, which will take into account the nature of the leasehold property and any potential issues or complications that the practitioner can foresee.

All estimates are subject to change if the matter becomes protracted or becomes more complex than the initial instructions envisaged.  The fee earner acting will update you as to costs as matters proceed and notify you and agree further fees with you, where this is anticipated.

Key stages

We generally estimate that exchange of contracts takes place 4 to 6 weeks from instruction for freehold sales and purchases and 6 to 8 weeks for leasehold sales and purchases, as these are more involved, with completion on both one or two weeks after exchange of contracts.  The key stages are:

Fee estimates and file opening:  up to 1 week to deal with due diligence, ID requirements, source of funds information and Stamp Duty forms and arranging signed terms of engagement and business.

Issue of draft contract on a sale, or receipt of draft contract on a purchase at week 1 or 2.

Instructing searches on receipt of contract papers once plans are verified by our client at week 1 or 2.

Obtaining management information on a leasehold sale or purchase or a freehold where there is management company involvement at week 1 or 2.

Reviewing and reporting on title, searches and raising enquiries around week 2 to 3 if all information is available promptly.

Reviewing your mortgage offer once received and reporting to you and where necessary to the lender in week 2 to 3.

Exchange of contracts at week 4 to 6 or 6 to 8, with final searches at Land Registry, applying for mortgage funds, and arranging completion statements.

Completion at week 6 to 8, dealing with payment of funds, registration formalities at Land Registry, and notices of change of ownership and mortgage to any management company.

Dealing with retentions of service charge once accounts are issued after completion is separate and we do not charge an additional fee for this service, at this time.