Immigration law is constantly changing. We understand that as a responsible sponsor licence holder you endeavour to fulfil your sponsorship duties in line with current Home Office guidance, but we appreciate that ensuring compliance can be a challenging task.

Clients frequently tell us that the Sponsor Management System (SMS) is a complex system to navigate which can cause challenges when time and resources are scarce. When faced with these issues, we offer a unique and pragmatic solution: register Stone King as your Level 1 User. With this service we are able to shoulder the day-to-day management on your behalf, alleviating the pressures on your current representative and allowing you to focus your attention where it is most needed.

We provide expert guidance, invaluable support and operate the SMS in line with your organisational needs and the law.

We also provide an online Sponsorship Compliance Training package inlcuding downloadable guidance PDF's. We have a number of online immigration training products available across each sector

Why choose Stone King as your Level 1 User

As your appointed Level 1 User, we are able to:

Ensure you are compliant with Home Office guidance

Manage or renew your organisation’s licence or services

Create and assign certificates of sponsorship (CoS) (Worker or Temporary Worker)

Create and assign confirmation of studies (CAS) (Student routes)

Report changes of circumstances

Complete suitability checks

Request information changes from the UKVI

Conduct additional day-to-day sponsor management tasks 

Clients we have worked with

We can act as Level 1 User on behalf of a variety of organisations, including;

  • UK and global businesses
  • National and International charities
  • Multi-Academy Trusts
  • Independent Schools
  • Religious Orders

Retainer clients

If you are a Stone King retainer client, you are able to access this service at no additional cost.

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