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Stone King’s Immigration team are able to offer the support and assistance needed to ensure that Religious Organisations remain fully compliant with the law and guidance whilst supporting the movement of religious, volunteers and workers throughout the wider international community.

Many Religious Communities have an ageing population in the UK and encounter the same issues as the rest of society in that it is difficult to recruit within the UK. With the UK having left the European Union, the benefits of free movement within Europe is no longer be available. Therefore, many Religious Orders are seeking to bring overseas nationals to the UK.

We have a long history of working with Religious Organisations over many decades and have an in-depth understanding of how immigration issues can arise when you are furthering your mission.

Stone King can offer support and assistance with every type of immigration issue, including:

  • Sponsorship licences
  • Minister of Religion visas (T2),
  • Temporary Worker – Religious Worker visas (T5) and Temporary Worker – Charity Worker visas (T5)
  • Managing the Sponsorship Management System
  • Compliance with all duties as a licence holder
  • Right to Work checks
  • Advice and support to EEA nationals
Case Studies
Sponsorship Licence

Stone King were instructed to assist a Roman Catholic Religious Order to assist, support and advise in relation to their immigration matters. The Order already held an immigration sponsorship licence. A solicitor from Stone King attended at the main residence and found that there were a number of compliance and reporting issues which were non-compliant with the terms of the licence.

Stone King supported through these issues, and upon the request of the Order became the Level 1 user for the organisation. This proved particularly beneficial when the employed Level 1 user took an extended break. During this period of leave, two Certificates of Sponsorship needed to be assigned urgently. The Level 1 user from Stone King was able to access the Sponsor Management System and assign the Certificates of Sponsorship on the same day. We are fully qualified to operate a Sponsor Management System on your behalf as your agent.


Stone King was approached by a Religious Order who needed to bring a novice from Korea. The organisation did not hold a sponsorship licence. Stone King assisted with obtaining a sponsorship licence, and then advised on how to assign a Certificate of Sponsorship, the documents that needed to be collated, and the processes which needed to be followed. Thereafter Stone King assisted in submitting the licence visa application and liaised with both the overseas member of the order as well as the entry clearance post to support a successful application which resulted in the Korean novice moving to the UK.

EEA Nationals

Stone King have supported a member of a Religious Order in obtaining confirmation of her rights in the UK as a Spanish national. Whilst the client has been in the UK for a significant number of years a lot of this time has been spent travelling to other countries to support other communities, with periods of time also spent in Rome. The client wishes to ensure she is able to travel freely to the UK once the UK has left the European Union. Stone King have advised and supported to obtain confirmation of the client’s existing status in the UK as well as supporting with an application to naturalise as a British national.