Stone King LLP supports actions of regulators in The Cup Trust judgment

Jonathan Burchfield, a partner in the Charity & Social Enterprise team of Stone King LLP, was appointed as interim manager of The Cup Trust by the Charity Commission on 26 April 2013.  On 18 February 2014, Ann Phillips, also a partner in the Charity & Social Enterprise team at Stone King LLP, was appointed as interim manager of The Cup Trust jointly with Jonathan Burchfield.  They, with assistance from colleagues at Stone King, during the period of their appointment took over the day to day management and administration of the charity to the exclusion of the sole corporate trustee Mountstar (PTC) Limited, and reported to the Charity Commission throughout.  Jonathan and Ann wound up the charity in May 2017, following a transfer to a children’s charity of its remaining funds, and were discharged from their role as interim managers of The Cup Trust by an Order of the Charity Commission made on 26 May 2017.  The charity was removed from the register of charities on the same day.

The amount involved in the final transfer was £11,526.26, which represented the entirety of the amount which the charity had in its bank accounts when Jonathan and Ann were appointed, plus other sums to which the charity was entitled and received during the period of their appointment (including bank interest), less grant commitments made prior to but drawn down during their appointment, various bank charges and the sum of £8,845 paid out as £4,200 to another law firm instructed on a discrete matter by the interim managers and £4,645 to Stone King for its work on that discrete matter.

Stone King LLP, alongside Jonathan and Ann, supports the decisions of the Charity Commission and the Financial Reporting Council and are pleased to see the action taken by regulators in dealing with those involved.  

Charity Commission press release: Update on Cup Trust Inquiry 

You can read our original press release: Jonathan Burchfield and Ann Phillips appointed, jointly and severally, as Interim Managers of The Cup Trust


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