Stone King offers this QuickView service to all its clients in the passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) sector.

Our service offering

You will receive focused practical advice from specialist lawyers and HR consultants on day to day operational issues that arise in the PCV sector.

The sort of queries we regularly deal with

We provide advice across in relation to most issues that you will come across as an operator. These will typically include employment and HR processes, operator licence and regulatory issues, immigration and contractual disputes. Sometimes advice can be given which deals with the query entirely. Sometimes a larger issue is sufficiently complex that a headline or strategic view only can be given under QuickView.

Examples of if the type of query we cover


Examples of queries that we would expect to be considered under QuickView are;

  • I am making a driver redundant, how do I calculate redundancy pay;
  • I am selling my business, do you think that TUPE would apply;
  • How does the DVSA monitor frequent services;
  • I am owed money by a customer, do I have to deliver the goods that they agreed to buy;
  • I have a break clause in my lease – how do I exercise it;
  • I have been summoned for a driving offence, what do I do next;
  • My bus has hit a bridge – what is the likely regulatory approach to this
  • One of my drivers has been convicted for speeding. Is that a notifiable conviction;
  • What licence do my teaching staff need to drive a minibus;
  • I want to employ someone from the EU post Brexit – what do I need to do;
  • I have an HSE investigation into an issue in my depot - what are the key things they will want to know;
  • I want to sell my business – how should I structure this to preserve my investment
How often you can call

You can raise any number of different queries in any number of calls, but the expectation is that the advice on any given query can be given within about 30 minutes of our time.

Stone King wishes to advise responsible businesses and will engage with you as a trusted partner. We will agree a fixed quarterly fee with you which reflects your anticipation of your likely use of QuickView. By way of example, we find that operators with up to 15 staff might call or email us with about one query a week, in other words about two hours’ use a month.

Who will carry out your work

We will allocate a small team to look after you including an HR adviser and a lawyer. That team will have primary responsibility for answering your questions with a view to giving you continuity of advice. If the team needs to allocate your question elsewhere, you will be informed.

Additional benefits of our service

You will be sent terms of engagement to be invited to become a client of ours. You will have access to other benefits including access to Stone King webinars and training and fixed fee or discounted access to other legal and HR services including a separate and dedicated on site HR Retainer service.

Cancellation policy

We will not hold you to a long notice period. We only ask that if either of us wants to terminate the service, we must give the other notice before the first day of the quarter in which the notice is to take effect.

The law and practice referred to in this article or webinar has been paraphrased or summarised. It might not be up-to-date with changes in the law and we do not guarantee the accuracy of any information provided at the time of reading. It should not be construed or relied upon as legal advice in relation to a specific set of circumstances.