Advising on mergers and collaborations is a big part of the work we do at Stone King – and each one is unique. If done well, a merger or collaboration can really benefit all the charities involved and their beneficiaries by generating cost efficiencies, reaching more people and diversifying and improving services.

Our specialist team understands the worries that trustees and senior management will have, whether a merger or collaboration is being considered for strategic reasons or because of financial pressures, and we can support you throughout the process. From experience, we know there needs to be excellent communication in order to fully understand the history, ethos and priorities of each charity and to build trust and a sense of common purpose that will enable the merger or collaboration to be a success for all involved.

We provide expert legal advice across a range of areas including assisting with due diligence; drafting the necessary documentation; stakeholder consultation; employment; property; IP and data protection. We can work with you to agree the level of support you would like us to provide and we will keep our costs to a minimum by allocating delegating work within our sector group to the most appropriate person to deal with the work required.

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