Strategic Support Offer

Having attended our webinar, you will be aware of the importance of taking steps at an early stage to consider the school’s context and range of strategic options which might be available to it.  These are key issues which require detailed involvement and consideration by governors working closely with senior leadership.

To assist with this process, Stone King is offering fixed priced strategic support where one of our senior independent school specialist partners would attend a governors’ meeting to provide support and guidance in considering the options which are most relevant for your specific school context.  This would be tailored support, drawing not only on our extensive sector experience, but which would also consider your current legal structure and circumstances and the options which might be available to your school.  We would then also be on hand to answer questions at the meeting. To ensure that the governors’ meeting is as valuable and relevant to you as possible, we would be happy to attend a prior planning meeting with key individuals such as your Chair, Head and Bursar. 

The cost for this is a fixed fee of £2,750 +VAT.

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