An inquest is an investigation into a death which appears to be due to unknown, violent or unnatural causes.  It is designed to find out who the deceased was and where and when they died.  The inquest is also about how, or by what means, they came about their death.

Andrew Banks is an experienced Inquest advocate. His experience encompasses representing and advising families, organisations, charities, and schools and other educational institutions regarding proceedings before the Coroners Court.

His advocacy includes representing clients at Inquest where Counsel to the Inquest has been appointed and where other parties have been represented by leading Counsel. His caseload has included cases of national interest.

Andrew has an empathetic style and understands the stress that families and also other interested persons have when dealing with issues relating to the aftermath of an unnatural death. Where appropriate he assists families in guiding them through other avenues to seek redress such as the Independent Office for Police Conduct and the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.

He has particularly extensive experience in representing schools and families regarding cases where a person has taken their own life against a background of multi-agency shortcomings.

He has appealed decisions of the Coroner not to hold an Inquest including applying for an Attorney General’s Fiat.

Significant cases include :-

Inquest touching the death of Arsema Dawit -

Inquest touching the death of Samantha Gould -

Inquest touching the death of Oskar Nash -

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