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A driving ban can have serious consequences, damaging both your livelihood and family life. So if you’re facing a driving offence, our motoring law solicitors can give you the specialist legal advice you need.

Our motoring law services

Our team of experts in road traffic law can defend you against matters including:

  • drink driving
  • dangerous driving
  • careless driving
  • failing to stop
  • driving with no insurance
  • speeding fines
  • bans from totting up points on your driving licence

Whatever your motoring offence, our experienced road traffic lawyers can often make the difference between losing your driving licence – and possibly your job – and keeping it.

We’ll also make the court process much less intimidating for you with specialist legal support to help you fight your case.

Our fees

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What our clients say

"Thank you for your preparation and professional support throughout this situation both prior to and during the hearing. Your experience in this matter has been very beneficial to me."

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