If you, or someone you know have been accused or charged with a criminal offence, we can help. Throughout the covid-19 pandemic, we are open, we are accessible, and we can continue to support you.

Our team of dedicated criminal law practitioners understand the Criminal Justice and Court system, from decades of experience and extensive training and casework. Our lawyers appear in Police Stations, Magistrates Court and Crown Courts all over the country day in, day out.

We are not the duty solicitor and we are not the police solicitor. Non-judgmental, we are fiercely independent, highly qualified specialists, and we make it our business to advise and represent those involved or concerned with the criminal justice process.

We have a proud history of advising and representing without fear or favour, but with courage, determination and attention to detail. We innovate. We collaborate. We win. We put our client at the centre of everything we do.

We can continue to provide support throughout the covid-19 pandemic, Matthew Graham, Head of Criminal Law explains in the video below how we are there for you.

What our clients say

"Nick is such a genuine, caring person and an amazing defence lawyer. I realise more and more how much he helped me and I thank him from the bottom of my heart."

Client Feedback

What our clients say

'Stone King has a long established client base and having merged with Mowbrays is now the main player in the Bath region in private crime work. It has solicitors with a real depth of knowledge; their instructions to counsel make clear the amount of work they put into the case before it is sent out ; and they continue to be involved as part of a defence team making strategic decisions throughout the life of the case. They provide unparalleled client care and are always trying to up their game through their CPD events which I’ve attended and which often feature contributions from experts in other fields.'

Legal 500, 2021

What our clients say

"I feel as though enlisting the help of Mr Nicholas Wragg was one of the best decisions I have made, a true gentleman with a professional team to back him up. 

"The team took full control of any situation with absolutely no problems and updated me as to what would happen next at every opportunity, I was treated fairly and spoken to respectfully.

"I think of myself as incredibly fortunate to have had the care and professionalism that was offered to me by Mr Wragg and the team at Stone King, they know exactly what they are doing and you can rest assured they will help."

Client Feedback

What our clients say

"This firm is ahead of the market in terms of its client care and its attention to detail. They offer a blend of essential qualities that are required in dealing with stressful and delicate matters."

Legal 500, 2020

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