One of the guiding principles of the sponsorship regime is that sponsoring students is a privilege and not a right. To maintain and retain the privilege of holding a sponsor licence (and to benefit from the migration which it enables) UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) requires sponsors to fulfil certain sponsorship duties. Our Immigration Team appreciate that ensuring compliance with sponsorship duties can be challenging and time consuming for many independent schools. To help alleviate any compliance anxiety, we have developed the following training packages which clearly outline the legal requirements and obligations on student sponsors, as well as tips on how to remain compliant:

  1. Immigration Compliance Checklist for Child Student Sponsors (£120 Inc VAT)

This package outlines the key sponsorship duties that Child Student sponsors must comply with to meet their record keeping and reporting duties as well as the wider duties on sponsors. A checklist outlining all of the documentation that must be kept on a sponsored student’s file is also included.

  1. CAS Checklist for Child Student Sponsors (£180 inc VAT)  

It is advisable for an independent school to obtain all supporting documentation that is required as part of the Child Student visa application prior to assigning a CAS. This will help ensure that the student meets the requirements of the route and will not be refused a Child Student visa. Requesting this evidence at this stage will in turn assist with meeting the requirements of your Basic Compliance Assessment (BCA). This CAS checklist outlines the evidence that should be requested from a prospective sponsored student prior to offering them a place at your school, as part of the CAS process and the evidence that must be retained once the student is in the UK to meet your record keeping duties.  

  1. Precedent Right to Study Policy (£120 inc VAT)

To ensure compliance with the Student sponsorship duties set by the Home Office, it is extremely important that independent schools who sponsor students take steps to ensure that all prospective and current pupils have the right to study throughout their time at the school. This precedent Right to Study policy can be tailored to your organisation and outlines the documentation that parents and students will need to provide at the pre-admission stage.

All three packages can be purchased together or separately and please contact our Head of Immigration, Julie Moktadir should you have any queries in relation to the same.