Date updated: Wednesday 7th February 2024

What is a MIAM?

The first meeting that you will have with the mediator is known as the MIAM. This meeting is an opportunity not only for the mediator to provide you with information about how the mediation process works but is also for you to tell the mediator about your situation.

Will what I say be confidential?

The MIAM is a confidential process absent any concerns re child protection. What you tell the mediator will enable them and you to determine whether mediation is the right process for you. Whilst mediation can be helpful for many, it isn’t suitable for everyone, thus during the MIAM the mediator will also provide you with information regarding other processes that may also be helpful for you.

Will the mediator signpost me to other services?

If you agree the mediator can also provide you with details of other services that may be able to help such as co-parenting courses, or support services.

Do I meet the mediator with my partner?

The MIAM is with you and the mediator only. The mediator will always meet with you on your own before starting the mediation process.

What happens after the MIAM?

If everyone agrees that they would like to try mediation, an appointment will be made for your first mediation session.

If mediation is not the right process for you, or you or the mediator feel it is not suitable, then the mediator will have already explained and given information about other services/processes that may be able to help and can also provide you with a court form which will be valid for 4 months if you feel that the court process may be needed.

Can I be forced to attend a MIAM?

Attending a MIAM is not the same as attending mediation. In most circumstances the court will require you to attend a MIAM ahead of any application and the court may also refer you back to mediation.

What about my child?

If you have children over the age of 10 the mediator will also discuss with you your child’s voice being heard as part of the mediation process. This is an important part of mediation as it enables your children to not only be heard but can also bring real benefits to your children and you as parents.

How long will it take?

The MIAM will last about an hour and can take place via a video call or in person.