It is becoming increasingly common for international issues to be involved when a couple separates or looks to divorce.  We are here to help, whether you or your former partner are living abroad, or whether you hold assets abroad.  We are well supported by our International Cross Border Private Client Team to enable comprehensive advice to be provided to clients. 

Expert advice may be required when considering whether proceedings for divorce should be issued in England and Wales, or whether they should be issued in another jurisdiction.  You may also need advice where you are based in England but some of your assets are overseas, or where you may be looking to move abroad following your separation.  We are able to provide advice and assistance in respect of the following:

We also recognise that, where a family is divided by borders, it is particularly important for decisions to be made together in order to cement family links across the globe.  We are able to offer mediation to couples who are separating where international issues are involved and who wish to work together to find an agreement in respect of their finances or children.

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