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We have developed our training programme to equip Charity Trustees and members of Senior Management Teams with the knowledge needed to carry out your roles effectively. Our Charity Essentials programme offers a number of introductory sessions across various locations in the UK. Covering key Charity Commission guidance and the underlying charity law duties, the aim is to guide you to implement best practice, prevent problems as well as helping you deal with them should they arise, and also recognise when further input is needed.

The sessions are built around the Charity Commission’s core guidance, including “The Essential Trustee”, “Conflicts of Interest: a Guide for Charity Trustees”, and the Governance Codes of Practice endorsed by the Commission. You will improve your understanding of the context in which the Charity Commission operates by exploring their strategy and approach in areas such as safeguarding and serious incident reporting. The session considers case studies to examine best practice governance in practical settings. Topics include:

  • the evolving role of the Charity Commission and its interaction with other regulators
  • key duties and liabilities of Charity Trustees as illustrated by recent case reports
  • working as a board, with Senior Management, and managing difficult situations
  • updates on the latest developments

All sessions are interactive and provide the opportunity for you to put your questions to expert advisors.

Dates and Locations


Tuesday 20 October 2020




Thursday 4 June 2020


Thursday 24 September 2020


Tuesday 19 May 2020
Thursday 8 October 2020
Thursday 3 December 2020

Useful Links

Charity Commission guidance, The Essential Trustee
Charity Commission website
New Philanthropy Capital, What makes a good charity

"I was most pleased to attend this workshop. It was full of very interesting and helpful information...This workshop helped us to keep up to date with some of the legal and organisational needs and opportunities. Thank you all."

"An absolute must for all charity trustee and senior management to attend!"

"Excellent presentation and subject matter. Very balanced and covered a wide range of interesting material."

- Attendee feedback 2019


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