Julie and the team represent and support organisations struggling to recruit within the UK, from businesses and charities to educational establishments and faith-based organisations. They advise on visa applications for workers and temporary workers, both in-country and overseas, including under the Skilled Worker route.

The team are able to have as much involvement in the process as desired by our clients. From assisting with the visa application process from start to finish, preparing detailed and bespoke representations for each individual and completing the full visa application form, to providing one-off consultations to give an overview of the steps and requirements.

The team support a variety of educational establishments with the sponsorship of employees including teachers, for roles that are both on the shortage occupation list and those that are not. They also support with visa applications including for individuals who wish to ‘switch’ immigration routes in-country.

Combining their hands-on experience with their immigration expertise, the team assist small and international charities with visa applications for overseas nationals in order to facilitate the movement of both workers and volunteers. The team also assist a number of clients in the care sector with queries on obtaining visas for oversea workers, including under the Health and Care Visa.

With a number of the immigration team based in Cambridge, the team are also known for their work in supporting tech businesses and bringing software engineers, scientists and others on the shortage occupation list to the UK.

We have been clients of Stone King for over 25 years. Our experience of their professional approach to matters has been excellent. We have been impressed by their response time especially in the area of immigration and visa applications. Julie Moktadir’s advice and support has been invaluable.Legal 500 2021


The team supported an international charity to apply for a Skilled Worker visa for a US national. The individual was already employed by the US organisation, however was relocating to the UK for personal reasons. The organisation wished to sponsor them to work in the UK on a long-term basis.

A detailed letter of representation and the application form were prepared by the team. Having worked with the organisation to obtain their sponsorship licence, the team were already Level 1 Users on their Sponsor Management System (SMS) and were able to assign the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) to the worker. The application was submitted and subsequently granted, enabling the worker to move to the UK and continue their role within the organisation.

It’s a real pleasure to work with Julie Moktadir who acted for me in my recent immigration application. Her professional knowledge, competence and efficiency are most helpful and reassuring. In addition, with her warm personality and excellent communication skill, she is approachable and makes me feel very much at ease especially during these difficult times of COVID – Legal 500 2021

A tech company had been struggling to recruit in the UK due to the highly skilled labour required, and therefore wished to recruit from abroad. The team assisted with every stage of the process to facilitate sponsorship.

The team obtained and assigned Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) to the overseas workers, and made Skilled Worker visa applications on their behalf. An additional application was prepared and submitted by the team for a dependant of one of the workers. A further extension application was also submitted for a worker who was already residing in the UK.

All of the visas were granted allowing the individuals to begin work promptly, and any accompanying dependants to join them in the UK.

Julie Moktadir has been invaluable to us as an inexperienced licence holder to sponsor overseas workers.Legal 500 2021

A multi academy trust wished to sponsor an individual who was in the UK on a Youth Mobility Visa. Travel was restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning the individual could not return home to submit their visa application. They were therefore required to submit an in-country visa application to switch to the worker route. The team prepared detailed representations in line with the ever-changing guidance to enable the individual to switch into the new route, and completed the online application form on their behalf.

The application was successful and the individual was able to take on the long-term role within the school despite the circumstantial challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Julie has been fantastic! Having her on board has lifted the weight off my shoulders!Jenny Cain – Greenshaw Learning Trust

A really fantastic service; clear and timely support which means we now have peace of mind when dealing with immigration matters across our Trust. I would highly recommend the Level 1 User service.Education client

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