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We have developed our training programme to equip charity trustees and members of senior management teams with the knowledge you need to carry out your roles effectively. As well as our Charity Essentials programme covering key Charity Commission guidance and the underlying charity law duties, we have introduced a five-part programme of webinars on topical issues. The aim with all of our sessions is to guide you to implement best practice and to prevent problems, as well as helping you deal with them should they arise, and also to recognise when further advice is needed.

To register for any of our upcoming sessions you can find the links to the right hand side of this page. You can also find the link to sign up to our newsletters which contain useful information about upcoming webinars and events. You may attend as many of the sessions as you wish. All sessions provide the opportunity for you to put your questions to expert advisors. If you have any queries please get in touch with our Events Team.

Charity Essentials: The Essential Trustee and Governance in Practice

These sessions are built around the Charity Commission’s core guidance, including “The Essential Trustee”, “Conflicts of Interest: a Guide for Charity Trustees”, and the Charity Governance Code endorsed by the Commission. This training will look at the main principles that apply to charity trusteeship and improve your understanding of the way in which the Charity Commission operates by exploring its strategy and approach to regulation in a range of areas, including decision-making, managing conflicts of interest and serious incident reporting. The session will look at case studies to examine best practice governance in practical settings. Topics include:

  • Key duties and liabilities of charity trustees
  • Financial governance and resilience
  • Meetings and decision making, including in a virtual space
  • The Charity Commission’s approach to regulation
  • Recognising and reporting serious incidents

Topical issues

The topics in the current programme are:

All sessions provide the opportunity for you to put your questions to expert advisors. Please let us know if there are any other areas of interest or specific concern you would like the team to address in future training sessions – we will do our best to build it into our programme.

Useful Links

Charity Commission guidance, The Essential Trustee
Charity Commission website
New Philanthropy Capital, What makes a good charity

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"I have attended a number of your webinars and they have been excellent."

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