What is mediation?

If you are considering divorce or separation, we recognise the uncertainty and anxiety that you may be facing and we can help you decide the best way to move forward. Our team of experienced divorce lawyers is widely regarded for its Alternative Dispute Resolution work and we specialise in family mediation.

Mediation is a process by which parties discuss disputes with an impartial trained mediator to help reach a settlement, whether in relation to children, financial matters or indeed all issues arising on family breakdown. Mediation can be especially helpful in reducing conflict and finding amicable solutions, benefiting you and your family.

Our family mediators are experts at handling all aspects of relationship breakdowns, taking a family-focused approach that encourages you and your partner to find the best solution for you both. We are also able to offer child inclusive mediation.

Mediation gives you more control throughout the process and can be more cost and time efficient than going to court.

How mediation works

Family mediation usually takes place with, you, your partner and one of our trained mediators, either in person or via video link. The aim of the process is to help you achieve longer-lasting considered solutions that enable you and your family to move forward with minimal stress or conflict.

Mediation can be more emotionally sensitive as it involves both parents exploring solutions facilitated by one of our mediators through direct communication rather than legal correspondence and negotiation. Although your solicitor will not be present, you can, however, take legal advice at any time, to help you reach or record a joint decision.

Our mediators are all family law solicitors but remain neutral throughout the discussion, with the key objective being a resolution for you both and for the family as a whole.

Resolving issues together

Our family mediators can help you with:

  • arrangements for your children

  • putting your children first

  • financial settlements

  • dividing property, pensions and income

  • ongoing communication with your partner

We will help you identify what is important in difficult circumstances. With judges now frequently recommending mediation as an alternative to court, and government funding of divorce cases finished, it is a constructive, cost-saving and effective way forward.

What our clients say

"Thanks again so much to Caroline for her kindness and patience shown to us during the very difficult mediation process. She was wonderful."

Client Feedback - 2021

What our clients say

'I was greatly relieved by the efficient and informed level of advice I received. Salient information was conveyed quickly and clearly. I was given an overview of my case and the strengths and weaknesses of my legal position, which was justified with relevant experience and information. When I raised issues, these were responded to without undue delay. On any occasion where my solicitor was not available, I felt her personal assistant was genuinely well informed of the details of my case and capable of dealing with or referring ongoing matters as required.'

Legal 500, 2021

What our clients say

‘I would like to commend Meg Moss for the consistently exceptional service that she provided me. Her advice was informed by a wealth of experience, and was detailed, accurate and succinct. She brought a keen intellect, a great sense of humour and real personal warmth to her interactions with me. She demonstrated an understanding of my personal situation, which I valued immensely. On a personal and professional level, she is absolutely the solicitor you want in your corner during any matrimonial or custodial dispute.’  

Legal 500, 2021

What our clients say

"All the team are friendly, approachable and reliable."

Client Feedback in Chambers, 2021

What our clients say

"very good at problem-solving,"

Client Feedback in Chambers, 2021

What our clients say

"Caroline provided me with unwavering calm and reassurance during what otherwise would have felt and been a much harder process, she has always been efficient, professional and kind and I appreciate everything that she did for me. Thank you Caroline."

Client feedback

What our clients say

"supportive, efficient and friendly."

Chambers - 2019

What our clients say

"I wish I had known about Stone King during my divorce. Mediation during my divorce was useless. Stone King made me feel for the first time I was being treated fairly. It was impossible to have any mediation with my ex husband until Stone King. They are brilliant and look at both sides in an objective way. It's a unique way of doing mediation that actually works."

Client Satisfaction Survey Feedback

What our clients say

John Brownrigg is ‘fantastic on collaborative law cases and mediations’, and is a recognised leader in matrimonial finance disputes.

Legal 500 - 2017

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