Everyone is different

At Stone King we understand that everyone is different.

That's why we are committed to promoting an inclusive working environment that supports the growth and development of all our people, regardless of their background, age, race or gender. As well as supporting those who work with us, this also benefits the many clients we serve.

Individual differences are embraced at Stone King and we have a strong desire to see diversity in the workplace. A diverse workforce is one that reflects our changing society and means that we are well placed to understand the needs of a wide range of clients.

Not only are there clear ethical reasons for having staff from many different backgrounds, it also makes good business sense. By ensuring equality of opportunity we are able to attract and retain the very best legal practitioners and offer a first-class service to all our clients.

Our equality and diversity policy covers all areas and all levels including: recruitment; pay and benefits; learning and development; performance management, disciplinary and redundancy procedures.

Core Vaules

We regularly collect diversity data from our staff and partners and produce an annual report collating this information.

Team Working
  • We enjoy working together in a collegiate, collaborative and supportive environment with our colleagues and our clients
  • We work effectively as a team beyond geographical or organisational boundaries to achieve excellent results
  • We have a long history of caring about our people and communities
  • We are committed to acting ethically; with integrity and mutual respect
  • Communication is open, clear, honest and respectful
  • Individuals build loyal and effective relationships with colleagues and clients
  • Our experience, commitment, training and knowledge make us specialists in all we do and in the sectors we serve
  • We offer practical advice and solutions
  • We focus on innovation
  • We are professionally equipped to give our clients outstanding service
  • Continuous development is a focus for individuals and teams
  • We strive for excellence in everything we do, encouraging individuality and focusing on consistency and a ‘one firm’ approach through effective leadership